Five Minutes With: Small Businesses Need Better Tools, says Tim Hayden

1. What are your biggest opportunities & challenges in marketing tech for next 12-24 months? 

It will continue to be a challenge to cut through the noise in the marketplace. With social notifications, a constant flow of email and life happening with the internet in our pocket, it will be all but impossible to deliver a message that receives attention that leads to our intended action. I believe the greatest opportunity for any brand will be to delight current customers through a direct and mobile relationship (email, apps, connected vehicles and homes) so much that we all become “sponsored” in some way, influential advocates for a few special goods that we allow to identify who we are and how we live. 

 2. What keeps your clients up at night?

Not much. At Zignal Labs, we try to help them stay ahead of what the world thinks. But, really, I think politics and ideological trumpets are giving everyone nightmares.

3.  What’s the hardest thing to educate clients about?

There’s just as much opportunity for forward progress in business today as there is any threat of crisis or a bad day at the office. 

4.  What are some unmet needs in marketing technology landscape?

I believe the greatest unmet need in marketing technology today is the lack of small business tools for managing content and connecting with customers. It shouldn’t be so costly or cumbersome for “solopreneurs” and small family-run businesses to operate with a digital efficiency at the same level to which Amazon, Google and Uber provide their customers.

5.  What social network do you anticipate accelerating growth in the next year?

Most people would continue to bet on Snapchat. Honestly, I believe the utilitarian value and non-algorithmic experience of search for instruction on YouTube will continue to have it positioned as the social network to beat, while doubling as the world’s second favorite search engine. Video will be the king, and YouTube will be its throne.

–Tim Hayden is VP of Marketing at Zignal Labs

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