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Five Minutes With: Neil Berman, CEO of Delivra

What are your biggest opportunities and challenges for the next 12-24 months?

Email marketing software and strategy is a vast market. Every organization that needs to communicate with customers, members, clients, students, patients, etc. will find that email is the most effective channel to engage readers. That is especially true as mobile device adoption has escalated in recent years. Email on a mobile device is one of the leading apps used on a daily basis. With that said, the challenge is to start conversations with prospective customers who will find value from our product and services and make the necessary investment of their resources to fully benefit from our platform.  

What keeps your clients up at night? 

We find that there are two general themes that email marketers worry about. One is, “How am I doing?” We serve the SMB market, and that means a typical client may have a single person responsible for the organization’s marketing functions, with email being one of many tasks.  They are looking for validation on the effort expended. Delivra has and continues to develop reporting and services to meet this need. The second theme is, “How do I?” For example:

  • How do I increase engagement amongst readers?
  • How do I attract new subscribers my email list?
  • How do I select the best subject line?
  • How do I determine best time to send? 

Delivra’s success management team serves to fill this need.

What’s the hardest thing to educate clients about? 

Successful email marketing requires that you first have a strategy, then a plan to execute on that strategy, and finally a way to measure success or lack thereof. People tend to be tactical in their marketing efforts, sometimes spending too much time on optimizing which can prove immaterial in the scheme of things.

What are some unmet needs in the marketing technology landscape? 

There are more marketing technology solutions on the market than I could reasonably explore even if I had a year to do so—over 2000 at last count. The continuing challenge is to sync up needs with solutions in a way that supports ease of use and does not require a technical background to implement and execute.

What social network do you anticipate accelerating growth in the next year? 

We find that LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging show measurable results. The key here is patience and consistency. Like advertising, the minute you stop participating, your brand awareness begins to deteriorate.

–Neil Berman is CEO of Delivra

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