Firstlogic Releases Mailing Software

Firstlogic Inc., a mail automation software and services firm, yesterday introduced its multi-line optical character reader presort software.

The software, called MLOCR Presort 3.40, provides mailers with a cost-effective and efficient method to set up and mail pieces in accordance with the U.S. Postal Service's Domestic Mail Manual requirements.

“By providing mailers the ability to optimize their setup, they take advantage of operational efficiencies, allowing them to compete with other mailers more effectively, reduce costs and improve profits while still satisfying USPS requirements for packaging and containerization,” said Hank Martin, senior product manager at Firstlogic, La Crosse, WI.

· Sort-level control, which, combined with hardware partners' bin control software, allows mailers to better manage when mail containers for optional sort levels are created.

· Support for Standard Mail letter trays on pallets, which allows businesses to more efficiently manage the building, storage, and movement of tray mailings within their facilities and through transportation to point of entry with the USPS.

· Drop-shipping discount calculation support for USPS Bulk Mail Centers/Sectional Center Facilities. The software will calculate the correct postal discounts and create letter trays with all supporting documentation and labels necessary for mail acceptance of Standard Mail.

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