Firstlogic, Qsent Team on Telephone Data Appending

Firstlogic Inc., an information quality and mail automation solutions company, is expected to announce today that it will partner with directory information services provider Qsent to deliver a telephone directory update solution that appends phone numbers to client address information.

The new data append solution from Firstlogic, La Crosse, WI, will use Qsent's iQ411 directory information services to offer the most current and reliable telephone listings available in real-time and batch configurations.

“With customer contact data decay rates at 5 percent per month, enterprises intending to maintain or improve personalization must find a way not only to append, but also to update their customers' contact information,” said Doug Laney, vice president of the META Group, an information technology consulting business. “Moreover, the need for real-time or near real-time validation to help thwart fraud demands instant access to accurate directory listings.”

Qsent's proprietary data enhancement and quality assurance processes manage an average of 500,000 updates to phone listings daily. The iQ411 service contains more than 140 million residential, business and government listings, using local telephone companies. The updates are put through sophisticated data loading and cleansing processing.

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