Firstlogic Introduces New Information Quality Suite

Firstlogic Inc., a provider of enterprise information quality services, yesterday introduced its Information Quality software suite with new features that extends its matching capabilities and expands support for custom business rules.

The La Crosse, WI-based company said the new features will help organizations enhance their customer relationship management, business intelligence and marketing programs by creating a single, consolidated view for each customer across the enterprise.

Firstlogic's IQ Suite was introduced at The Data Warehousing Institute's World Conference 2001, taking place this week in Orlando.

Firstlogic's IQ Suite lets businesses cleanse, enhance and match data anywhere it is touched, stored or moved. It links multiple customer touch points across the enterprise with inventory, financial or other operational systems information. It is designed for business-to-business and business-to-customer records and handles customer as well as other business information that is needed to gain a full customer profile.

Firstlogic's IQ Suite identifies matching records based on user-selected criteria.

New to the suite is the ability to apply multiple sets of match criteria as well as distinct sets of user-defined match rules to compare data rules such as name and address or user-defined such as account number or e-mail address. This advanced matching lets users set up and run multiple jobs with multiple matching criteria in a single pass for tuning or data comparison purposes.

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