Financial Briefs

Deluxe Direct Response

Signs MCIF Agreement

Small financial institutions that outsource data processing need assurance that their systems are compatible with a marketing consumer information file (MCIF) database system. Deluxe Direct Response, a division of the Deluxe Corp., Minneapolis, MN, says it will target this segment through a marketing agreement with Jack Henry & Associates.

Jack Henry, Monett, MO, a provider of integrated computer data-processing systems, will market and recommend Deluxe's MarketWise MCIF system to its 1,200 bank and financial customers with the assurance that it is completely compatible.

MarketWise allows financial institutions to strengthen customer value, improve retention and target new customer acquisition by assembling credit and buying information in one usable format that can interface with spreadsheets and other software.

“MarketWise helps financial services companies move beyond traditional marketing and capitalize on customer information, leading to better decisions across the institution,'' said Greg Metzger, general manager of Deluxe Direct Response.

Investext Group Provides

Desktop Analyst Reports

Investment research is only a click away with Research Bank Web, an online product launched last month by the Investext Group, Boston.

For a $95 startup fee (waived for Investext account holders), users can gain instant access to analyst reports from 450 brokerages and investment banks, market studies from 60 research firms and reports from more than 150 trade associations worldwide. Users can check the table of contents for each document they select and only pay for data they download. Prices range from $7.99 to $9.99 a page for analyst and trade reports and from $6 to $18 for market studies.

Research Bank Web is intended for companies that use the data to influence business decisions. The Investext Group provides company and industry research to international businesses. For more information, call John Webber at 617/856-2380 or see

Zimmerman Agency Launches

TZA Bank Notes Newsletter

The Zimmerman Agency, Brookville, NY, has launched TZA Bank Notes, a newsletter for marketers at major banks and financial institutions.

TZA Bank Notes will be published quarterly in 1998 and will consist of “a micro-collection of the latest news items, tips, observations, time-savers and quick takes on important points in financial marketing that will take no longer than six minutes to read,'' said Zimmerman president Caroline Zimmerman.

To receive a complimentary copy of TZA Bank Notes call 516/626-5555, fax 516/626-5567 or see

The Zimmerman Agency has created marketing programs for several clients, including the Chase Manhattan Bank, Citicorp, the Bank of New York and American Express Publishing.

Homedata Corp. Acquires

Magellan, Collector of Tax Data

Homedata Corp., LaGrangeville, NY, a national compiler of new homeowner listings, has acquired Magellan Inc., Atlanta, for an undisclosed amount.

Homedata has a database of 27 million records that it rents as a list to catalogs, banks and other financial institutions, and Magellan provides resident and tax collector data, tax roll information and tax maps in the Southeast.

The merged companies will be known as the Magellan-Homedata Corp. and will be headquartered in Atlanta. The new entity now offers MetroVision, an online real-estate information service.

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