Fila Starts Restructuring BTB Setup

Fila Holding has started an online project to redefine its business-to-business model in the Americas, Europe and the Far East within the next three years.

“We are in the first phase of setting up the operating models to implement SAP and the new BTB architecture,” said Michele Scannavini, CEO at Fila. “Fila expects to gain major business benefits from this project due to simplified and standard processes, online shared data and efficiencies in integrated supply-chain management.”

Fila expects to go live with its first BTB online effort in third-quarter 2002. The company has begun the project to connect all of its third-party suppliers, such as manufacturers, with the entire operational and transactional process.

Fila chose Accenture, a provider of management and technology consulting services, to help design and manage the project. Accenture will team with The Information Management Group to bring in-depth knowledge on SAP, the footwear and apparel industry and the processes of the fashion and sports industries.

Fila works with 140 footwear and apparel suppliers and nearly 60 buyers or distributors.

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