FEDMA Launches Direct Marketing Agency Council

The Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing formed a Direct Marketing Agency Council designed to provide a joint forum for direct marketing agencies to exchange views, best practices and information.

The announcement was made following a FEDMA seminar that took place June 18 at the start of the 53rd International Advertising Festival, also known as “the Cannes Lions,” which runs through June 24.

FEDMA represents nearly 10,000 companies through its national DMA members.

Many of FEDMA’s members — both the direct marketing agencies and clients — helped launch the council by encouraging FEDMA to start the specialized group for direct marketing agencies.

The council will begin by preparing a legal and market environment survey of what information DM agencies need from the European level to help brief their clients. The council will look at the issues of creativity.

FEDMA produces the “Best of Europe,” a collection of award winners at the national level. The council also will study issues such as targeting, the best use of new media and new media research measurement.

“Integrated marketing has introduced new complexities for everyone. How do we exploit the new opportunities and combine them with the traditional media? How can specialized agencies cooperate and work most effectively with the media choices we now have?” said Steve Grout, managing director and chief development officer at Rapp Collins Europe and the newly chosen Chair of the Council.

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