FedEx Freight debuts long-haul LTL service, expands Canadian footprint

FedEx Corp. has officially launched FedEx National LTL, a new long-haul less-than-truckload service that will also debut in Canada under the FedEx Freight Canada name.

FedEx National LTL and FedEx Freight Canada were created through the acquisition of the business assets of the former Watkins Motor Lines and Watkins Canada Express, a deal that was finalized on Sept. 3. The new services respond to customer demand for greater flexibility in the LTL sector.

As part of the effort, FedEx hired close to 9,000 employees, re-branded equipment and integrated Web sites to allow customers to quickly and seamlessly navigate between its regional and long-haul services.

FedEx National LTL has also re-engineered its operations to focus on the long-haul market with a strictly scheduled network similar to

FedEx Freight’s operations in the regional market.

These changes enhance FedEx National LTL’s already strong claimed on-time performance, a key requirement of shippers in all sectors.

In addition to expanding its domestic portfolio through FedEx

National LTL, FedEx Freight is enhancing its Canadian service offerings with FedEx Freight Canada. The company will handle LTL shipments moving into and out of Canada and intra-Canada shipments.

This door-to-door service through FedEx companies will provide greater visibility for Canadian LTL shipments and tran-sborder pickup and delivery points in the U.S.

Meanwhile, FedEx announced that Borders Group Inc., a leading bookseller with more than 1,300 stores worldwide, including Borders and Waldenbooks stores located throughout the U.S., will use FedEx National LTL to transport products from suppliers on the East Coast to its distribution center on the West Coast, as well as to handle returns.

The Ann Arbor, MI-based bookseller currently uses FedEx Freight to provide next-day and second-day deliveries to its domestic retail locations.

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