FedEx Extends Pickup and Drop-Off Times

Federal Express Corp., Memphis, TN, will offer later times for shipping packages via FedEx Express in the United States, Toronto and Europe beginning Feb. 26, the company said yesterday.

FedEx Extra Hours will allow select customers with regularly scheduled pickups and customers who drop off shipments to extend their business day by up to three hours in major markets.

Customers in more than 90 markets in the continental United States can drop off shipments at about 400 FedEx locations. FedEx Extra Hours will also be available in 14 European markets and Toronto.

The service will also allow FedEx to move shipments it may have received late because of weather or maintenance problems more quickly and without incurring any additional cost.

FedEx Extra Hours shipments will move through the existing FedEx network but on a different cycle. FedEx will use existing equipment and resources to handle the later shipments, using more than 80 flights, including five 727s and one DC-10 for international service and more than 40 feeder planes. Some additional trucks will be used. All packages will be sorted at the Indianapolis hub. The operations will run about two hours later than the regular system.

“We are offering FedEx Extra Hours in direct response to customer demand,” said T. Michael Glenn, FedEx executive vice president of market development and corporate communications. “Our customers have asked for later cutoff times for critical shipments that must go out that day.”

All FedEx Extra Hours shipments will be assessed a $15 premium above FedEx Priority Overnight and FedEx International Priority rates.

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