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FedEx aims for a hole in one with its PGA campaign

The Offer: “Nothing’s more important than your clubs” is a tagline designed to resonate with golf enthusiasts, the core target of BBDO New York‘s recent campaign for FedEx. As the PGA Tour‘s long-standing official shipping sponsor—and the main sponsor of the FedEx Cup, a championship trophy for the PGA Tour—FedEx developed an integrated push to drive conversions and spread awareness about FedEx’s ability to seamlessly ship golf clubs directly to hotels or golf courses.

The Data: Out-of-home airport collateral targeted the top states for club shipping, including California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas.

The Channel: The integrated campaign included mobile, print, TV, pre-roll video, in-store, and PR.

The Creative: In one TV spot, three employees on a business trip, clubs in tow, see their boss checking into the hotel without his clubs—because he’d pre-shipped them via FedEx. Convinced they’ll get into trouble for assuming it was OK to golf, they throw their clubs to the ground—one tosses his into a nearby fountain—while their boss looks on in utter befuddlement.

The Verdict:

Kevin Drew Davis is executive creative director at Digitas Chicago and San Francisco. Davis has also led creative teams at Wieden & Kennedy and The Richards Group and has collaborated with top brands, including Audi, Calvin Klein, and Coca-Cola. Read our Q&A with Kevin for more.

This campaign relies on a solid business idea with funny, well-done ads. But the online activation missed an opportunity for more integration across all the channels. For instance, I had to hunt for the PGA site presence. And because there are so many destinations online where guys talk about golf, planning golf trips, etc., it would have been interesting to see some sort of activation there, or some sort of point-of-purchase displays at golf destinations to remind you to ship your clubs next time.

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