Fast Forward Is a Much-Needed Event

I read your piece on Fast Forward (DM News, June 12 editorial) with great interest. The idea of a forum for C-level executives to exchange ideas that go far above the traditional “list business” discussion is one that should have been put forth years ago by the Direct Marketing Association. It’s a leap forward for senior list company professionals, including those who participate in the List Leader sessions.

Having been involved with List Vision for several years, I do find it a little disheartening that this type of focus and attention by senior management hasn’t been directed as strongly at the existing conference in recent years, despite invitations and requests from various planning committees.

Industry events are only as good as the industry executives who choose to participate in and support them. Predicting List Vision’s “demise” will certainly not help its flagging attendance, nor its lack of senior management support, unfortunately.

The best of all possible worlds would be a concentrated focus on driving the right people to the right event — those who are looking for training, networking and business improvement to List Vision, and those who require a more far-reaching perspective to Fast Forward.

In an environment where the list industry in general is under siege, there seems to be a crying need for both.

Thanks for your perspective.

Stefanie Pont, Managing partner, Pont Media Direct, Norwalk, CT

mailto:[email protected]

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