Fasano and Associates Debuts Hot Zoë List

Fasano and Associates, Los Angeles, has tapped into the powerful generation Y market by winning management of Fulcrum Direct's lists of buyers from children's and teen-age apparel catalogs, including the popular Zoë catalog.

The approximately 50,000-name nine-month buyer list for Zoë, which dropped its first catalog of fashion and accessories aimed at teen-age girls last year, is available for the first time. Its usage will be restrictive.

Zoë is one of the first catalogs to target a generation of teen-agers that Women's Wear Daily has called a financial powerhouse that possesses more economic power than any generation before it. That spending power is being directed toward fashion, according to a study by the Rand Youth Poll and Teenage Research Unlimited.

Zoë also is a pioneer in its use of layouts that depict teen-agers in typical situations, such as preparing for a date.

“Translating real life into direct marketing is an important new trend,'' said Ann Fishman, president of Generational Targeted Marketing Corp., New Orleans.

The file for Fulcrum Direct, Rio Rancho, NM, includes other catalogs that appeal to a specific age group or demographic of girls age 16 and under: After the Stork (200,000 12-month buyers), Playclothes (154,000) and Storybook Heirlooms (160,000).

“Each one has its own segment,'' said Susan Gilbert, president of Fasano List Management. “After the Stork brings them into the Fulcrum fold, Zoë takes them into their teens.''

Fasano has brought these titles together for the first time. The Fulcrum file also includes the first-time available Fulcrum Direct Enhanced Master File

“It's exciting to be working with the whole list. We've had bits and pieces before,'' Gilbert said.

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