Fala Direct Marketing Introduces CMM Product

NEW YORK — Fala Direct Marketing Inc., Melville, NY, introduced FreeFormz yesterday, a product that complies with the U.S. Postal Service Customized MarketMail classification, during the DMD show.

CMM lets direct marketers mail nonrectangular pieces without having to enclose them in a package or envelope.

Prior to the CMM classification, pieces with a thickness of one-quarter-inch or less could not be nonrectangular, irregularly shaped or have holes and voids unless they were in a package, carton or envelope. CMM allows for the mailing of such pieces, as long as they weigh up to 3.3 ounces and measure up to 12 inches high by 15 inches wide and three-quarters of an inch thick. Pieces must be delivered to USPS Destination Delivery Units. There is a minimum of 200 pieces per mailing.

FreeFormz can be any shape, provided they remain within the size limits. They are printed on plastic with a high gloss finish. Fala will produce them digitally, followed by laminating and die cutting. Personalizing can be integrated anywhere on the piece. The required production time is about three weeks.

The total cost for FreeFormz, including postage and production, will be in the $2 per unit range. Prices are based on Standard Regular and Nonprofit Mail basic tier rates, plus a residual shape surcharge. Postage rates for these pieces are 57.4 cents for Regular Standard Mail and 46 cents for Nonprofit Standard Mail.

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