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Factiva Upgrades SalesWorks With Prospecting, Visualization

Factiva has enhanced its SalesWorks flagship product, upholding the company’s belief that visualization and prospecting capabilities are key to identifying new sales opportunities.

The new prospecting functionality identifies and groups companies associated with a specific change or news topic. This builds targeted prospecting lists.

“Factiva SalesWorks now includes a comprehensive view of news highlights and trends related to a company or industry,” said Simon Bradstock, director of product management at Factiva, Princeton, NJ. “This allows users to spot and capitalize on opportunities at a glance without sifting through vast amounts of information.”

Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters company, provides business news and information. Its sources include The Wall Street Journal, London’s Financial Times, the Dow Jones and Reuters newswires and the Associated Press. Key players in this area besides Factiva are Hoover’s and OneSource.

Adding visualization capabilities was possible through the Factiva Discovery Technologies platform, which uses text mining technologies, advanced content visualization and Factiva’s patented taxonomy.

Factiva SalesWorks is designed for sales. It has delivery options like the standalone destination product, partner offerings and custom integration. The product can be embedded into every stage of the sales cycle, including account planning, call preparation and customer retention.

Mr. Bradstock said that this effort follows Factiva’s launch of Factiva Search 2.0 in January and the underpinning technology platform, Factiva Discovery Technologies.

“By moving beyond accepted search and delivery formats, Factiva Discovery Technologies embrace and build on new technologies to analyze and locate the intelligence within search results,” Mr. Bradstock said. “This new suite of platform capabilities combines advanced searching, text-mining and taxonomy technologies to find, organize and graphically display search results.”

The company not only wants to help users with search, it is out to tell users about the results, Mr. Bradstock said.

Factiva will use promotional and direct sales activities to raise awareness and drive the adoption of Factiva SalesWorks to existing and potential customers. The firm also has partnered with Salesforce.com and Microsoft to market the product.

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