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Facebook rolls out a new look for its News Feed

Today, Facebook revealed a redesign of its News Feed display, following through on the design it had experimented with last year.

Here’s what the new updated News Feed looks like:

The theory behind the redesign is to give people a more visual layout,(i.e. larger images) without sacrificing the site’s ease of navigation. However, bigger pictures don’t necessarily mean bigger ads, as Facebook clarified in its blog post about the redesign:

Though in the new design all images are larger, both organic stories and ads will be the same size — similar to the way images appear on mobile.

Facebook says the redesign will roll out over the next few weeks and is purely a visual change, which means there’s no change to the News Feed algorithm or how posts are ranked. However, we know now that images will get you higher up the News Feed compared to just text updates, so the redesign enforces that idea with its emphasis on visuals.

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