Facebook resets PMD program, calls it Marketing Partners

Facebook announced a slight name change to its Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers program (PMD), rebranding it as Facebook Marketing Partners.

The move is intended to simplify the experience for brands and agencies, and make it easier to identify the companies that provided specific services. Facebook has evolved its partnership designations over time. Previously, it had a group of 12 strategic PMDs, which ostensibly had greater access and more first looks at new products. This change seemingly eliminates that distinction and puts more marketing tech companies on equal footing. 

Marketing tech companies can now be listed in the following categories:

  • Ad Technology
  • Media Buying1
  • Facebook Exchange (FBX)
  • Community Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Small Business Solutions
  • Audience Onboarding
  • Audience Data Providers
  • Measurement

In addition, Facebook launched a refreshed marketplace site where potential customers can find marketing tech companies. 

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