Facebook: Pay Only After 10 Seconds of Video Viewing

Facebook has begun offering advertisers a 10-second-view pay option for video ads, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The social network will continue to offer its current three-second view option, intimating that the 10-second option will likely come at a premium.

Earlier this year, the Media Ratings Council issued a temporary standard or 50% of pixels in view for two seconds as a viewable impression for video. One second was officially established as the standard for display ads.

A blog on Facebook’s corporate site today revealed a new ranking system for placing videos in users’ news feeds. Facebook has tagged certain actions—turning on sound, expanding to full screen—as indications that people like videos, and those people will henceforth see videos placed higher up in their news feeds.

An unnamed Facebook spokeswoman commented to WSJ that the company doesn’t feel the 10-second option will help marketers’ ads perform better, but that “we want to give them control and choice over how they buy.”

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