Facebook partners with Shutterstock to give advertisers free images

Facebook is making it even easier for small businesses to advertise on its platform by offering them free access to images on Shutterstock.

Yesterday, Facebook announced three product updates that will benefit small businesses when it comes to creating and testing ads as well as managing their company pages.

The first is a partnership with Shutterstock. Users will have access to the stock image resource directly within the Facebook’s ad creation tool, where they can search or browse for images.

Not only does this save small budget advertisers the cost of professional photography, it also allows large advertisers to test run visual ad concepts using stock images, before they make the big pro investment.  

In addition to that, advertisers will also be able to upload multiple images simultaneously, when creating a group of Facebook ads. They will now be able to pull images from their business pages, previous ads and Shutterstock to create multiple ads for the same campaign. Other than variety, it also allows advertisers to test which images are more effective than others, and re-work their campaigns accordingly.

A final update includes improvements to the mobile Facebook page managing app for Android and iOS. Along with bug fixes and faster performance, the new features will allow admins to upload multiple photos for a single post, edit existing page admins and add new ones. For Android, admins will be able to tag people in comments and in iOS, they can create new pages and events.

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