Facebook now lets you add call-to-action buttons to your videos for free

Facebook has quietly introduced a new feature which lets marketers add a call-to-action button to accompany their video posts. The new feature was first reported by AllFacebook.

What’s surprising is that this feature has been introduced for organic video posts, not paid ones. Previously Facebook had only offered call-to-action buttons for its display ads. By introducing the feature for free, Facebook is giving marketers an unexpected, but welcome benefit.

Brands that had given up on getting anything out of their organic Facebook activity now have a clear cut tool they can use to generate engagement with their content. However, it’s sobering to note that organic reach through Facebook pages still remains depressingly low, so even if brands are able to add call-to-action buttons for free, there’s no guarantee they’ll get a decent audience.

We tested the new feature on The Hub’s Facebook page, and sure enough, when we tried to upload a video, we were given an option for inserting a call-to-action, which appears at the end of the video.

Here are the options currently available for call-to-action buttons:

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