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Facebook now lets advertisers track customers across multiple devices

Facebook is giving its advertisers even more access to customer behavior data, providing tracking capabilities across multiple devices.

This means advertisers on Facebook can see how users are interacting with their ads on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, analyzing where the conversions occur. For some brands who sell big-ticket items, customer might be more likely to purchase their products through the desktop, while on the fly purchases, such as movie tickets or restaurant discount coupons might be more suited for mobile. This is invaluable data for brands advertising through the Facebook platform, who can then optimize their ads for the devices that drive the most conversions.

In a blog post, Facebook explained the value of the new data offering:

In a way, this cross-device performance measurement is a natural extension of Facebook’s cross-channel targeting offering for advertisers. While advertisers had the ability to create specific ads for different devices,  the new data provides detailed analytics on how effective that targeting is. 

For marketers, this also helps to understand the role of each device in the customer’s buying journey. Rather than creating separate campaigns for each device, this drives home the concept of a unified campaign that funnels a customer along through multiple devices, and multiple channels.

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