Facebook is testing a “buy button” to directly enable sales within its platform

Facebook is making the shift from being a marketing platform to an all out sales channel by adding a “buy button.”

Although it’s still in its test phase, Facebook announced today that businesses running ads on it would be able to add a “Buy” call-to-action button to their ads. Anyone clicking the button would be then be able to buy purchase the advertised item without ever leaving Facebook.

Here’s what the test button looks like:

So far, the “buy” button follows the same format as all the other calls-to-action Facebook allows marketers to embed, such as “Sign Up,” “Download” and “Like.”

Facebook has already preempted privacy advocates by saying all the credit card info will be secured and users have an option of not keeping it stored on their Facebook account. There’s no word on how Facebook will split the revenue costs with advertisers( or if it will do it all.)

For now, a handful of small and medium businesses will be allowed to test the feature, before Facebook rolls it out for the market.

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