Facebook is launching a summer “bootcamp” for small businesses

Instead of waiting for marketers to come to them, Facebook is proactively reaching out with a training program for small businesses.

The program, titled “Facebook Fit” is a boot camp for small businesses and will take place in five cities across the country over the summer. For a $25 registration fee, attendees will get tips on marketing, ccounting and compliance. The events will include talks from small business experts, panel discussions and best practice advise from Facebook, in an effort to get more small companies comfortable with using Facebook as a marketing platform. Other companies partnering with Facebook for the program include LegalZoom, Intuit and Square.

Here are the cities and the dates.

It’s a smart move by Facebook, as it recognizes that huge advertising opportunity in small businesses. While big brands may not see as much of a return on Facebook advertising, it is often the most effective (and sometimes only) digital channel small businesses can spend money on. And with Facebook’s new targeting capabilities, it allows small businesses to really hone in on selective, niche audiences, either by location or interest.

If however you don’t want to pay the $25, you can skip the event and check out our own guide to marketing your brand on Facebook (and every other social media channel) right here.

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