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Facebook increases ad delivery options

Facebook will allow marketers to choose whether Sponsored Stories will appear on fans’ desktop News Feeds, mobile News Feeds, within the sidebar, or in any combination of the three, said a Facebook spokesperson.

“The basic key takeaway from today’s news is that now Facebook is making it easier for people to buy the ads they want and giving more delivery choices,” the spokesperson said. “Previously, mobile ads were purchased as part of Sponsored Stories, with the advertiser not being able to say where they wanted their Sponsored Stories to run — now they can choose desktop, mobile or both.”

Sponsored Stories are updates from Promoted Posts, a product released by Facebook last week that increases the number of fans that see a given post. Facebook charges a fee for Promoted Posts based on the number of fans the company distributing the Promoted Post has. When fans interact with these Promoted Posts, it creates Sponsored Stories, which are viewable by friends of those fans.

From a pricing standpoint, the spokesperson said, mobile ads will continue to be purchased through “a bid process, so the cost of mobile ads will depend on demand within the advertisers’ criteria.”

This feature was developed at the request of marketers that use Facebook for customer outreach and interaction.

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