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Facebook expands toolkit for marketers

Facebook has followed up on the launch of its Ads Manager App earlier this year with three new tools and resources for marketers. Hailing two million active advertisers on the platform, Facebook said the new resources would “provide answers and training to all Facebook marketers, from small businesses to big brands and agencies.”

The tools announced this week:

  • Blueprint–for large brands and their marketing teams and agencies;
  • Learn How–for SMBs; and
  • Ad Copy Cheat Sheet.

Blueprint provides 34 detailed educational modules for marketing teams.  These include online courses on Facebook Pages; purchasing, managing, and targeting ads; campaign optimization; and reporting and metrics–as well as introductory courses. Completing courses can lead to certification.

Learn How offers a more limited set of courses designed to respond to questions frequently asked by marketers new to the platform. Acknowledging Facebook’s rapid expansion outside the United States, Learn How is offered in 14 languages

The Ad Copy Cheatsheet, announced Monday, features simple tips on writing ad copy. It supplements the Ad Images Cheatsheet offered earlier this month.

Learn How and the two Cheatsheets will be of limited interest to experienced marketers and copy writers, but Blueprint–especially if Facebook continues to expand, update, and supplement the existing courses, is likely to prove a valuable repository of learning on marketing practices, both for Facebook and similar social platforms.

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