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Facebook Expands its Audience Network

Facebook’s Audience Network mobile tool, which Walgreen’s credits for a 4-5X increase in click-throughs in an initial campaign, has been moved out of pilot mode and opened up to a wider group of publishers worldwide. The service allows marketers to employ the social network’s standard targeting and measurement features in extending campaigns into their own mobile apps.

Through Audience Network, publishers and developers are able to connect their apps with more than 1.5 million Facebook advertisers. Publishers taking part in the initial phase of the program launched in April include Glu, Cheetahmobile, Le Monde, Merriam Webster, Shazam, and Zynga.

“It’s a smart move leading up to Facebook’s earnings call, however, the amount of traffic and publishers is still minimal in comparison to larger networks,” says Dayna Moon, senior director of social for agency 3Q Digital. “I think the key factor is whether Facebook can roll out the advanced targeting features that we as marketers have grown to love about Facebook. That, combined with the ‘natural’ or native social context of the platform, is a great recipe just waiting to be baked.”

New users need to apply to take part in the Audience Network, which allows implementation in both iOS and Android formats.

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