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Facebook drives wishes

The Offer: Make-A-Wish Foundation International‘s World Wish Day campaign celebrates the spirit of wish-granting for children with life-threatening medical conditions. The public was invited to contribute financially or donate their Facebook status to drive awareness for the April 29 event. The microsite and Facebook page also tell stories of wishes granted to children around the world.?

The Data: Donors and non-donors alike opt in to receive various newsletters and future messages from Make-A-Wish, as well as email information about the cause to friends and family. ?

?The Channel: Participants can donate online at the World Wish Day microsite or on Facebook. The pro-bono campaign, developed by Arnold Worldwide, went live April 1. It includes a PSA on CNN International. Thomson Reuters donated its Times Square billboard to the event on April 29. ?

The Creative: The World Wish Day microsite contains pictures from last year’s day and videos explaining the philosophy and goals for the organization. One video features Ringo Starr and promotes T-shirts to benefit the nonprofit. The campaign’s Facebook page has a live-update counter informing visitors how many donations have been made. ?


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The relationship between admiring the goals of a nonprofit organization and expanding admiration into solid financial support is one that escapes those whose emphasis is solely on one of those bases. Not every cause can have the Make-A-Wish’s benefit of recruiting media successfully to build awareness and achieve heavy exposure of broadcast PSAs and print advertising. ?

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