Facebook answers questions about its new Page layout (except the most important one)

Facebook rolled out its new layout for Pages last week, and while its addressed plenty of questions about the redesign, it still hasn’t responded to the biggest one about whether Pages are even reaching people.

In a blog post, the Facebook team has responded to popular questions from Page admins about the new layout, including queries about positioning, functionality and timelines. But there’s still nothing about how the updated algorithm is downgrading Facebook Page posts.

Ever since the changes to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm all but condemned Page posts to the bottom of the News Feed content rankings, marketers have been complaining about losing the ability to reach consumers organically.

And it’s not just marketers complaining either. Today actor Rainn Wilson took to Twitter to tell everyone what he thought of Facebook’s Pages, effectively summarizing the problem.

With analysts such as Nate Elliot at Forrester now openly questioning Facebook’s effectiveness as a marketing platform, it’ll be interesting to see how the company responds, either by making changes to its algorithm or doubling down and making marketers pay even more for reaching billion-plus Facebook audience.

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