eZanga: Best Places to Work Winner (Startup-Sized Companies)

The irony of a 14-year-old company winning our Best Places to Work Award in the startup category (based on number of U.S. employees) doesn’t escape us. But if ever there was a company that exemplified the scrappy spirit and culture of a startup, it’s eZanga.

Founded in 2003 by husband and wife duo Rich and Beth Kahn, eZanga began its journey as an affiliate marketing company, before pivoting into ad fraud protection in 2005 with the launch of its Traffic Advisors Infinity system in 2005 — a system that acts as a buffer between advertisers and publishers, and helps block bad traffic before it affects a marketer’s budget, according to Crunchbase.

But eZanga won this award from us on its merits as an employer.

Based in Middletown, Delaware, the company has maintained its startup size all these years at 54 employees, according to its LinkedIn company page, though only 19 of them are based in the U.S. Still, the employees love working for this wizened startup. Here are a few employee responses to our survey for the award:

  • “As an organization, eZanga is very well managed and in tune with their employees. The owners make an effort to ensure that if you are going to be away from home 40+ hours per week, that you’re comfortable and enjoy it. For a small company with limited resources, we make it go as far as we can. Coming from someone outside of this space when starting with the organization to now 3+ years in, I can say everyone is very patient in helping you learn so long as you are willing to put in the hard work. Overall, fantastic company and really solid, genuine people.”
  • “They take care of us here. We really appreciate Rich and Beth.”
  • “Been here 10 years, love it.”
  • “eZanga is a fun place to work, they have always been good to me. I started over 4 years ago, and they have taught me to program and allowed me to work on the types of projects that I want to.”

eZanga scored particularly well for giving its employees access to updated technology (nearly 5’s across the board), allocating space for fun and relaxation (nearly all 5’a again), and for its kitchen amenities; a commonality throughout its entry sheet. Apparently, eZanga isn’t just the best startup to work at, it’s the best one to eat at as well.

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