Makes Low Cost, High Impact Goal for Promotion expects to drive higher per-person sales with a summer promotion that is costing the online retailer of videos and DVDs only $5,000 to reach 700,000 customers and another 1.5 million names in its database.

In partnership with 14 online retailers, the “It's Summer! Smile & Save!” promotion gives $200 in online savings to customers who buy any two items. Using a combination of e-mail and hard-copy mail inserts, Express hopes the month-long effort gains new customers but, more importantly, increases the purchases of existing customers.

“The goal here is to move the lower or smaller-purchase customers up to the next level,” said Susan Daniher, vice president of marketing at, Hollywood, CA. Express recorded over $70 million in revenue last year.

The average order on Express' Web site totals $70, Daniher said, with the least expensive purchase costing $18. Express hopes to double the per-order cost at the low end.

Express spent $15 million in marketing last year, including $2.5 million to promote sales during the Christmas holiday season. This new promotion is part of an effort to increase customers and consumption at minimum cost.

To participate, consumers visit and buy two or more products from the online store. After checking out, Express will e-mail the customer a link to a page with $200 in savings. Express' 14 retail partners have coupon offers on this page. Offers range from $10 off at to getting a free $25 gift with an Adidas purchase. Customers click on a partner link to receive their offers.

Express' retail partners include,,, Adidas, Lucky Brand Dungarees,,,,, Kitchen Collection,,, and Decor Line.

Express first e-mailed customers on June 16, which will be followed by a second round halfway through the campaign on July 7. The inbox insert for this promotion, styled like a postcard, will be included in packages for the first 125,000 orders that are placed.

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