Experian Revamps Publishing Database

After several weeks of testing, Experian is expected to launch a rebuilt version of its CircBase cooperative database for publishers today.

CircBase, which was created in 1998, was developed as a publishing equivalent to Experian's Z-24 cooperative database for catalogers.

New features include more frequent updates, expanded modeling capabilities and linking to Z-24 data.

The database now will update monthly as opposed to every other month. The data feed cut-off for CircBase builds will be around the 10th of the prior month. Data received by Aug. 10 will go into the September build.

Along with adding people with publishing experience to its modeling staff, Experian increased the types of models offered.

“Previously we were building a standard profile model. Now we can offer more customized models such as ZIP models, readership interest models, response models and pay-up models,” said Peter O'Neil, senior vice president and general manager at Experian Marketing Solutions.

With the rebuild, CircBase now operates on the same platform as Z-24, letting Experian more easily link CircBase and Z-24 data for clients. Through this linking, Experian can provide a publishing-specific list with information on what percentage of that file has purchased certain products.

Since CircBase is an open database with a participant list published monthly, mailers can block competitors from using their file through the database.

During the update for the relaunch of CircBase, Experian added two publishers and 10 titles to the database. CircBase has 285 participating titles from many large publishers. The database represents 93 million subscribers and 158 million subscriptions. The Z-24 catalog database has 732 participants and 93 million households.

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