Experian QAS, Jenzabar partner for higher ed data quality

Jenzabar, a database marketing platform used by more than 300 colleges and universities, has tapped Experian QAS to provide address verification software and services.

With Experian QAS Pro and QAS Batch — front-end and back-end address verification tools — Jenzabar clients will be able to validate, clean, standardize and enrich address data for prospective students, students and alumni. The Experian tools are expected to cut down on data-entry time for clients, help the schools qualify for USPS discounts and improve student and alumni relations with their schools.

“Once you’ve graduated, the university is looking for reasons to correspond with you and track you,” says Joel Curry, COO of Experian. “The more they can retain an alumni correspondence, the more likely they are to receive donations into their fund, and that relates to having v high quality of address. If you want to maintain a relationship over a largely non-transactional 30- or 40-year relationship, it helps to have good data.”

Clients use Jenzabar data for student recruitment, retention, billing and alumni communications. The platform allows school staff to access, update, store and report on data through a common database.

“Through the Experian QAS partnership, we are able to help our clients increase their data accuracy,” Sashi Parthasarathi, VP of client relations, Jenzabar, said in a statement. “Jenzabar is committed to providing existing and potential clients with time saving and effective solutions and this mechanism for address verification will certainly help them heighten operational efficiency.”

Curry credited Experian’s strong presence in the higher education space for the partnership. He noted that Experian QAS had already sold its plug-and-go applications to many Jenzabar customers, so the full integration was the next step toward greater efficiency. The goal with this partnership, he added, was to have 100% of Jenzabar users also using Experian QAS tools.

“This partnership was part of Experian’s strategy to embed in all applications in key vertical markets, and universities are a good market because they tend to be early adopters and are happy to look at new tech,” Curry said.

Integration between Experian QAS and Jenzabar EX is already complete, and integration with Jenzabar CX, the UNIX version, is underway.

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