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Experian Offers Notification Services Suite

Experian, Orange, CA, has debuted its Notification Services suite, which allows financial institutions, credit card companies and retailers to provide daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly and quarterly notification triggers.

The suite combines the resources of Experian's Marketing Triggers, Risk Triggers and Retention Triggers.

Notification Services lets companies quickly target credit-active prospects, secure higher response rates, heighten the profitability of promotional campaigns, identify cross-sell opportunities and manage potential delinquencies and collections efforts more efficiently.

For example, a credit card company can use Notification Services to enhance retention efforts by identifying current customers who have inquired about a new credit relationship within the past three months, helping them act to keep that customer.

Notification Services uses Experian's File One, a relational consumer credit database with information on more than 240 million consumers, to generate its marketing, risk and retention triggers for pre-screen activity and account management services.

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