Experian Introduces CreditExpert.com Portal

Experian yesterday launched CreditExpert.com, a Web site where consumers can register to receive personal credit reports and credit scores and access credit management and monitoring services.

The new portal is a joint venture of Experian and Encore Marketing International Inc., a membership marketing firm. The two have set up a company called Credit Expert LLC to manage the CreditExpert.com portal.

Experian said it has been exploring ways to move into direct-to-consumer marketing and decided the CreditExpert.com site would be the perfect vehicle.

“We've been actively pursuing the best way to move into a direct-to-consumer role, and Encore is a tremendous partner,” said Steve Krenzer, CEO of Experian's e-commerce solutions business unit. “Together, we are delivering services allowing consumers to play a more active role in managing their personal finances.”

Through the portal, Experian is offering subscriptions to its Credit Manager service, which features credit report, credit score tools and usage analysis. The service also offers instant e-mail notifications when changes are made to a member's credit report. Annual subscriptions to Credit Manager are $79.

The company said it plans to launch additional services throughout the year, including an electronic registration and protection service for debit/credit cards.

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