Experian Integrates Data Management Services With QAS

ORLANDO, FL – Experian announced the integration yesterday of its data management services with the QAS QuickAddress suite of applications.

The integration lets firms maintain correct and up-to-date address information regarding their customers. They can do this first at the point of initial customer interaction as data enters the call center or Web site, and then on a continuous basis while using Experian’s data management services.

The decision comes seven months after Experian bought QAS.

QAS’ QuickAddress Names software uses a proprietary address searching mechanism powered by Experian information that validates names and addresses as well as populating fields automatically. Also, address data is validated and postal codes are assigned based on postal industry standards.

Once the customer’s information is correctly entered into the database, Experian’s data management systems kick into action, providing continuous updating and maintenance of such data. Analytical services also are integrated for use in upcoming direct marketing efforts.

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