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Experian Debuts Truvue Data Integration System

Experian, an information services provider, yesterday debutedTruvue, a customer data integration system that links customer information from disparate databases across an organization.

Truvue integrates customer records maintained in different databases and provides a process for enhancing internal data with real-time demographic information.

The system allows companies to offer personalized customer service based on a complete picture of the customer relationship, according to Orange, CA-based Experian.

Craig Smith, president/CEO of Experian North America, said companies are hampered by costly and underused customer relationship management technology investments that are not able to integrate all of their customer data. A June 2000 survey by Forrester Research found that only 37 percent of companies knew whether they shared a customer with another division despite large investments in CRM systems, he said.

“With such a small percentage of companies effectively integrating data, it is imperative that future efforts focus on leveraging the data that companies already have,” he said.

Truvue is starting simultaneously in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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