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Experian CheetahMail announces agreement with Movable Ink

Experian CheetahMail announced May 3 that it has entered into a preferred agreement with Movable Ink, an email application designed to allow marketers to stream email content in real time, said Daniel Schotland, VP of client services at Experian CheetahMail.

Movable Ink, a New York-based company, designed its app to allow marketers to be able to change an email’s content even after it’s deployed. This means that marketers can tailor email campaigns based on events happening in real time, such as the weather, said Vivek Sharma, the company’s CEO.

Ultimately if the client uses streaming functionality, email content can be updated in real time, said an Experian spokesperson, otherwise, the content is updated every time the email is opened or reopened.

Additional capabilities of Movable Ink, according to an Experian release, include real-time RSS feeds in emails, adding tweets to emails and geotargeting.

“It’s hard to know the weather, so this allows you to offer a promotion targeting that,” Sharma said. For example, he said, movie theaters could target an email to go out when it rains on weekends, offering a deal.

This technology is also designed to make offers expire in a given time frame, giving consumers a sense of urgency to purchase, Schotland said.

Schotland said that part of why CheetahMail decided to begin using Movable Ink is because clients want this kind of real-time functionality. Movable Ink’s technology also allows users send different kinds of email promotions to different kinds of devices, to better target where consumers are at the time they receive the email, Sharma said.

“Primarily what we’re seeing is that clients are looking for way to better target their mobile users,” Schotland said. “They’re looking to enhance creative and do it in an automated fashion.” Movable Ink, he said, is a step toward achieving that.

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