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Experian and Neustar Combine Data Capabilities

In a recent announcement, Experian Marketing Services and Neustar, Inc announced a partnership to enhance data onboarding for marketers with aim of improving activation and accessibility across a range of media channels.

I spoke with Kevin Dean, President and General Manager of Targeting for Experian in North America, about the significance of the move, especially given Experian’s track record in data-matching. (Experian’s core credit bureau business has been collating first party data for over thirty years.)

“It’s about capabilities combined,” he said. Neustar is an established provider of real-time information services, with strength in matching offline and online data–“relating digital identity to an actual, physical person,” Dean explained. Experian has similar capabilities, with a national consumer database that includes insights derived from thousands of public and private data sources. Together with Neustar, said Dean, it can “expand the breadth and scale of data onboarding” in an omnichannel environment.  

Neustar’s omnichannel onboarding strategy incorporates data from real world transactions, including point-of-sale and credit card purchases. Experian partners with a wide range of high profile media companies, including Comcast, Cablevision, Facebook, MSN and Yahoo. Marketers will now be able to use Experian’s and Neustar’s joint capabilities, via either platform, to onboard first-, second- and third-party data, develop audience segments, and identify the optimal channels to reach them. The goals, according to Experian: “More accurate targeting, less media dollar waste and a better consumer experience.

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