Exhibitors Pleased as Traffic Picks Up

CHICAGO — Exhibitors were much happier yesterday as floor traffic was up noticeably on day two of the Direct Marketing Association's 84th Annual Conference & Exhibition.

“It's wonderful,” said Bruce Gold, executive vice president at Madison Direct Marketing Ltd., Greenwich, CT. “Traffic feels similar [to previous years], not better, in terms of quality and quantity.”

It was clear to most everyone here that business had picked up from the previous day's somewhat sparse floor traffic.

“The traffic has increased considerably,” said Joe Frick, marketing manager at Adrea Rubin Management Inc., New York.

And, it seemed to at least one marketer that the attendees visiting the booths were serious about doing business.

“Traffic has been very good. I've seen quality prospects and real decision makers,” said Brian McMahon, national account manager at The Telemarketing Company, Chicago. “You really feel like people want to get back to work.”

Though the DMA would not release attendance figures, one exhibitor estimated attendance was down by 25 percent.

“Traffic has been moderate but better than expected in light of the current situation in the country,” said Patrick M. O'Brien, sales manager at Atlantic Envelope Co., Atlanta. “I expected it to be down 50 percent.”

Even exhibitors who weren't satisfied with the floor traffic looked on the bright side.

“Traffic, as expected, has been much lighter, but if this is our biggest problem, so be it,” said Ed Bocknik, executive vice president of list management at Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT.

Managing editor Glenn J. Kalinoski contributed to this report.

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