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Excite@Home Gets Flashy

Excite@Home has announced that it now can turn Macromedia Flash movies into interactive rich media advertisements. The offering, dubbed Enliven for Flash, will allow agencies to turn around advertisements in a day.

In addition to the superior animation provided by Flash technology, these ads also will offer unique interactive experiences. For example, a Campbell Soup ad can allow a consumer to select and print out choice recipes through a pop-up window.

Enliven for Flash also will provide comprehensive tracking capabilities. Clients can receive reports about consumer interactions and gauge print events and pop-up events for ads. Results also can be broken down on a site-by-site basis.

The timing is right for such an offering, said Christine McLellan, senior product manager at Enliven, Waltham, MA. “There is a pent-up demand for Flash advertising. The agencies have been calling for this,” she said. “We're making it easier for them to run true Flash creative.”

Enliven, a business unit of Excite@Home, which is a leading provider of broadband services, has been involved in the rich media advertising business since 1996. Enliven ads have run on more than 700 Web sites.

The announcement was made Nov. 8 at the @d:Tech World trade show in New York.

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