Exchange Applications, Engage Partner

Exchange Applications, Inc. , Boston, a company that optimizes interactive relationships between customers and companies and Engage Technologies, Inc., Rancho Mirage, CA, an online marketing solutions provider, yesterday made an alliance to

introduce a new profile-enhanced analytic solution.

The offering, called Optimizer AV, will be available from Exchange Applications and will enable organizations to collect and analyze company-specific, anonymous profiles of Web site visitors, allowing them to optimize online marketing


As part of the joint agreement, Exchange Applications will license Engage’s Profile Server software, a dynamic profiling application.

In general, the new offering enhances Exchange Applications’ next-generation analytics tool, Optimizer, a co-development project between MicroStrategy and Exchange Applications.

The new version of Optimizer AV marries technologies from MicroStrategy, Engage, and Exchange Applications and allow both experienced dot coms and companies new to the Web to collect company-specific, anonymous profile information and perform in-depth analytics on that data to realize a number of possible benefits including: The ability to increase stickiness-or, provide targeted content based on interests that

make the site more relevant and user-friendly; the ability to divide customers and prospects into logical segments to execute more successful Web-based upsell and cross-sell initiatives; the ability to personalize the online experience to targeted segments through profile data to provide the consumer with appropriate information; and

enable companies to focus on the consumer, appealing to personal preferences and building valuable, long-lasting relationships.

“Optimizer AV marries cutting-edge e-business analytics with the Engage

Web profiling technologies,” said Paul Schaut, president and CEO, Engage, a majority-owned operating company of CMGI Inc. “The result is a robust solution that addresses Internet marketing needs for all kinds of companies, from those in the beginning stages of Web strategy development to the more experienced dot coms.”

Optimizer AV is expected to be available in the third calendar quarter of

this year. Pricing is still under consideration.

Dan Haley, chief deal officer, Exchange, said that the company’s relationships with Engage and MicroStrategy reinforce Exchange’s commitment to

provide full-featured eCRM solutions to address the current marketplace.

“Companies are in desperate need of software solutions that optimize the

value of the Web and help them get the most bang for their marketing bucks,” he said. “Optimizer AV addresses a pervasive business problem and has the potential

to deliver an unprecedented level of marketing return. Optimizer AV is a

prime example of how Exchange Applications is utilizing top-tier technology

to meet the market demands.”

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