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Evite.com Partners With Magma Group

Evite.com, an online activity-planning site, tapped The Magma Group, a grassroots and permission-based college marketing firm, this week in an effort to better reach the college audience.

The Magma Group mobilizes college students involved in clubs, sororities and fraternities to spread the word about Web entities through on-campus fliers and product distribution.

More importantly, the groups capture e-mail addresses and other data on site using pen and paper registration forms. Magma has relationships with more than 6,000 campus organizations at more than 700 campuses.

The average national campaign can draw 250,000 to 500,000 registrations for a school year, according to Matt Britton, president and co-founder of The Magma Group, Boston. Companies pay a $2 to $4 cost per acquisition fee per registered user.

Getting students to sign up for major credit cards on college campuses used to be the thing to do. However, because of the negative implications regarding this practice, it's been “scaled back,” Britton said. This has opened the door for “Team Magma” which allows college students to “raise money for their student groups by marketing [the sites]. It's getting trendy to do this.”

The company has worked to develop a presence at college-related events in addition to cementing themselves on college campuses. Evite.com will have a presence at places such as popular spring break spots, Mardi Gras, concerts and the ESPN Winter X-Games. “We have the lion's share of Internet representation at most of these events,” Britton said.

In June, Advertising.com signed an agreement with the Magma Group to promote its AdBroadcastSM wireless advertising service. The service delivers targeted messages to student's wireless devices. The system offers students between five and 50 cents for receiving messages on their devices.

To date, companies such as MyPoints.com, iwin.com and InfoBeat.com also have signed with the company.

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