EuroContact Pool To Target U.S. Businesses

NEW YORK – Business-to-business list service provider EuroContact Pool paid a visit to DM Days New York in preparation for the firm’s upcoming push to U.S. businesses.

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, EuroContact Pool contains names of businesses from 13 European countries. It plans to target U.S. businesses in the fall.

“We take the Pan-European approach to marketing and branding, looking at Europe as a whole market,” said Hakan Axelsson, director of EuroContact Pool. “Within Europe it is hard for businesses to think outside of the individual countries. But I think that American businesses are used to approaching Europe as one big marketplace.”

All the names and contacts in the company’s database are collected and organized at the national level and then centralized into one pool. The tool is available for use at, or on the desktop via software. Marketers can segment contacts by country, industry, size and income.

Results are generated immediately from this new service, so that marketers can apply campaigns across Europe without having to wait to compile names. EuroContact Pool also allows marketers to track names with a user’s existing customer or contact file to avoid duplication.

The database includes European Union countries like Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain, Germany and Britain, with plans next year to add 12 more emerging markets like Poland and Russia.

The decision to enter the U.S. market came after an attendance at the DMA05 annual show last year in Atlanta.

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