EURO Enlists Field Force For Direct Marketing in China

EURO RSCG Worldwide, New York, the world’s fifth largest agency network announced yesterday that it will acquire a major stake in Field Force, Hong Kong, the largest direct marketing services group operating in Taiwan and Mainland China.

According to EURO chairman/CEO Bob Schemetter, the new group will be branded under the name of Field Force The Sales Machine and will be organized within EURO RSCG Asia Pacific, headed by CEO Vincent Digonnet.

EURO said Steve Chang, who established Field Force in 1988, will remain with the company in his present position of CEO as he continues to liaison and manage all integrated direct marketing, research, sales promotion and public relations events for the venture throughout rural China. The company will also maintain 30 network locations as it moves to work more closely with EURO RSCG Grand China, which consists of five agencies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

In 1998, Field Force had billings of approximately $50 million with key clients including Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Coca Cola, Intel, Philips and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

According to Chang, EURO’s investment in the group will establish it as “the only marketing service company that can provide instant, quality services in the most remote areas of China, without having to subcontract to any third party.” He says EURO’s new relationship with Field Force also allows it access to new levels of dependability and consistency with clients as well as important referrals that have long been associated with his group in Chinese culture.

In New York, Daniel Morel, CEO of EURO RSCG Worldwide Marketing Services, told DM News that it was very important for EURO to go about gaining a foothold in rural China, because business works very differently throughout all the country’s provinces.

“You can’t be present in their marketplace by just being in Hong Kong” said Morel. “In China, they may have 4 million people online, but less than 10 percent of the population has a telephone line. So we are going deeper into rural china with promotions and direct marketing. We are going to be doing a lot of field marketing because if you want to sell something in China you have to have an entire army doing research, distribution and a lot of face-to-face communicating.”

Morel says that Field Force The Sales Machine already has more than “70,000 part-time employees available on an on-call basis in a database that can be accessed immediately.” He says that marketing initiatives will include the use of important catalogs that are hand delivered door to door to key contacts in rural villages who have relationships with generations of families.

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