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Ethnic Sites Start Community Search

Eurekster Inc., San Francisco, which provides community and social search functions for Web sites, said today that three major ethnic community sites will use its technology.

Community Connect, which operates BlackPlanet.com, AsianAvenue.com and MiGente.com (which targets second- and third-generation Latinos who are bilingual or English-dominant), will use Eurekster's SearchPublisher technology to power its community search.

Community Connect has 16 million community members.

SearchPublisher displays results based on the search results that users to those sites click on and find useful. The technology provides a “continuous and automatic behavioral analysis” of the search results.

“As our community members have specialized interests, the ability to explore, find and share more relevant results dynamically will be of great interest to our members,” said Court Cunningham, chief operating officer at Community Connect.

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