E-tailer gets 35% sales lift

OfficeFurniture.com has reported a 35 percent increase in sales from natural search in the past year.

The e-tailer credits its relationship with search marketing vendor iProspect for the boost. When OfficeFurniture went to iProspect, the business-furniture company had a problem. Its Web site was not driving sales, and it had a portal page that caused crawling and indexing issues.

“While this campaign presented a number of different challenges, duplicate content was a major issue, said Brian Kaminski, managing director of iProspect, San Francisco. “Each page had a static and dynamic version indexed and ranked in the engines. Our goal was to migrate them to just the static version, but we couldn’t redirect existing static versions to new ones because our client no longer had access to them. Obviously the risk was high: The switchover could mean loss in visibility and, as a result, a potential loss in revenue.”

The company’s Web site also needed a complete face lift, and OfficeFurniture.com wanted to be No. 1 in Google organic results.

That’s when iProspect stepped in.

“Selecting a search-engine marketing vendor is involved; there are a lot of factors to consider. But in the end what I really wanted was an expert that could advise us,” said Eric Nebbia, director of e-commerce at OfficeFurniture.com. “We chose to work with iProspect in part because of the experience from having worked with so many clients, in every vertical possible, and with so many different types of business models. There’s no substitution for experience, and iProspect has been in the business for over 10 years. The results speak for themselves.”

OfficeFurniture.com is a National Business Furniture company. Based in Milwaukee, OfficeFurniture.com offers a selection of office furniture for corporations, small businesses and home offices.

“Our work with OfficeFurniture.com involved a number of major projects associated with the relaunch of its site that went beyond the norm for a typical site relaunch,” Kaminski told DM News. “The work required considerable technical consulting and research. Overall, there were a lot of pieces in motion simultaneously, so naturally the risks were high. But all of our efforts were accomplished without any loss in visibility or revenue throughout the process. In fact, these changes resulted in a growth in revenue over the last month that is nothing short of impressive.”

Every product used to have its own landing page, which lacked key product information that customers use when deciding on whether to buy, such as price. In addition, these pages did not rank well.

IProspect also started a linking campaign for OfficeFurniture to improve the company’s Google ranking.

“We were working to get rid of this æBand Aid’ solution,” Kaminski said. “We worked to optimize the templates of these pages so that new products could easily be added. OfficeFurniture [had previously] made little effort to drive links, and this put them in a poor position on the SERPs.”

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