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EsteeLauder.com by Organic

Estee Lauder wanted a Web site that would allow them to connect with their key consumer and help extend the brand’s reach with new opportunities for engagement. Based on brand and consumer behavior insights, Organic set out to design a site that was as beautiful as the products themselves.

The new esteelauder.com extends the customer relationship beyond simple retail purchases to a full immersion with the brand.

Some key highlights of the site include: Instructional videos for seasonal makeup application and tips, tools to allow customers to find their perfect makeup (Foundation Finder) and skin care program (Skin Care Finder) and a Behind the Scenes look at the brand’s famous faces. The end result is a rich, digital experience that proves that exceptional form and function need not be exclusive goals.

Conor Brady, VP Creative

Victoria Thorpe, Group Director

Tracy Parker, Account Director

Andrew Khor, Creative Director

Millie Sensat, Associate Creative Director

Bill Brissette, Design

Caroline Celis, Design

Charles Zicari, Information Architect

Daniel Silva, Design

Darci Manley, Design

David Albright, Technology

David Freedman, Technology

Elise Moyse, Copy

Elizabeth Rohtbart, Design

Fang-Yu Lin, Information Architect

David Hohusen, Technology

Hugh Elliott, Flash Development

James R. Bachalo, Flash Development

Jasen Dickan, Design

Jeff Wong, Design

Karen Dahlstrom, Senior Copywriter

Maxim Zabramny, Technology

Kenji Nakajima, Technology

Betsy Marinaro, Account Manager

Stephen Tanguay, Flash Development

Todd Fraser, Flash Development

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