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ESRI Canada Adds PRIZM CE Data

ESRI Canada will offer its Canadian clients Environics Analytics' PRIZM CE data as well as current and projected demographics and household spending data for 2006. The partnership was announced this week.

PRIZM CE segments Canadian consumers into 66 lifestyle types. The system from Environics, Toronto, is a Canadian clustering model that links geo-demographics to psychographics, incorporating social value data with demographics and product preferences to explain consumer behavior.

The system targets Canadian consumers using a cluster analysis of 2001 census demographics and extensive survey data on how Canadians spend their time and money.

PRIZM CE can improve customer profiling and acquisition, cross-selling and site selection, strategic planning and media buying. It can be used in industries such as financial services, packaged goods, retail, telecommunications, government agencies, not-for-profits, media and automotive.

ESRI Canada, Toronto, specializes in geographic information systems. Its tools let organizations integrate, view and analyze geo-demographic data. Using this technology, organizations can see the PRIZM CE data in a spatial context, thus making faster and more informed business decisions based on this integrated view of the data.

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