ERA: DRTV Buyers Older, Wealthier, Married

Buyers of DRTV products tend to be married suburbanites in their mid-40s with children, full-time jobs and household income above $50,000, according to a study released yesterday by the Electronic Retailing Association.

About 63 percent of adult Americans, or 136.2 million viewers, watch some form of DRTV, it said. The ERA unveiled the study, conducted by Leisure Trends Group, Boulder, CO, at its 2003 Spring Conference held this week in Key Biscayne, FL.

DRTV product buyers are 51.7 percent female with a mean age of 45.9 and mean income of $55,000. A majority, 58.6 percent, had full-time jobs, 60.3 percent were married, 43.1 percent had children and 31 percent lived in suburban areas.

In comparison, the overall group of DRTV viewers in the study was 53.2 percent female with mean age of 41.2 and mean income of $56,000. Some 40.1 percent of this group had children, 31.7 percent lived in the suburbs and 52.7 percent had full-time jobs.

Non-viewers were 55.4 percent male with a mean age of 45.2 and mean income of $49,000. The study found that the largest group of non-viewers, 31.5 percent, lived in small towns, while 52.8 percent were married, 47.3 percent were unemployed and only 38.5 percent had children.

Though the study revealed a desirable audience of DRTV watchers, it also indicated an 11 percent drop in DRTV viewership since ERA conducted a similar study in 1996. The decline parallels a falloff in overall television viewership due to competition from other media, especially the Internet, the ERA said.

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