Equient Debuts List Product Suite

Information product provider Equient has added Connect3 Performance to its Connect3 Direct Product Suite of list targeting applications.

Connect3 Performance provides direct marketers with prospect lists that have been modeled against 1,000 consumer attributes across the Connect3 database of 95 million postal addresses, 65 million telephone numbers and 30 million e-mail addresses. Equient compiles the data from a wide range of sources.

“What we're offering with this product is really another approach to leveraging data to identify prospects,” said Michael Loudermilk, vice president for information products at Equient, Fairfax, VA. “We believe that this targeted approach in virtually all cases will increase the productivity of the list.”

The modeling process can be completed in five days and is powered by technology from Equient's parent company, Veridian, which specializes in information and networking technology.

A key feature of the Connect3 Performance product is its ability to communicate across channels to the individuals on the file, Loudermilk said. Connect3 Performance allows marketers to reach targeted prospects via postal mail, telephone or e-mail.

“Choosing your target market should be independent of the vehicle you choose to communicate in,” said Aldo Zucaro, director of marketing information products at Equient. “Whether it's mail, e-mail or phone, your target market will remain your target market.”

Equient said its Connect3 product suite can compete with the direct marketing data giants.

“Our competitors are the large compilers like Experian, Donnelley and Acxiom,” Zucaro said.

“I believe that Connect3 Performance directly competes with any targeted list product regardless of source,” Loudermilk added.

Some of the selections on the Connect3 database are geography, age, presence of children, gender, ethnicity, home value, income, profession, education, purchase activity and lifestyle scores.

The Connect3 product suite includes two other list products: Select, an individual and household consumer file; and Resident Plus, a residential list in carrier route sequence.

Equient serves clients in the retail, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and telecommunications fields.

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